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Which do you seek?

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1. Health, Fitness, Relaxation, Energy, Better Sleep, Flexibility, Balance, Peace of Mind...

If you want the physical and mental health benefits of tai chi, but have no interest in learning the martial art, you can achieve your goals with the ongoing "Tai chi Foundations" classes, or any of our occasional "Introduction to Tai Chi" sessions. The first 4 levels of the curriculum, and much of level 5, are taught in these classes, and require no martial component.

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2. Self Defence, Sport, Mastery of mind, body, & spirit, Extraordinary abilities of mind and body....

If you want to learn the complete, profound, and very effective martial art. Then, in addition to joining the "Tai Chi Foundations" class, you can also apply for the Intermediate and Advanced programs, and the "Tai chi Tuishou" classes. These can take you through all 12 levels of the curriculum, to the equivalent of a 5th-degree black belt. (The highest level in our current ranking system.)

But remember. Relaxing the body and calming the mind are essential requirements for progression. The program is designed to make that easier for you. But if you are not prepared to refine yourself, then there is no point in us trying to teach you a subtle and profound martial art.

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Are you eligible to join?

  • If you can make it to the class, you are probably physically capable of participating.
  • If you are reasonably polite, you will probably be accepted into the foundation classes.
  • Intermediate and advanced students are screened constantly. Any students who violate the rules of behaviour, or interfere with the class, or act inappropriately, or cause injury, will be suspended. Violent or aggressive behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Compassion and respect are pre-requisites for intermediate and advanced training.
  • Everyone brings unique gifts, talents, challenges, and abilities. We will keep trying as long as we see potential for improvement. However not every student is right for every school, and not every school is right for every student.
  • On occasion, we will turn students away if we think they would be better served elsewhere, or if we think we can no longer contribute sufficiently to their development.
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I recently discovered these two clips from a documentary we made with Osiris Films in the 1990's. The first clip features Grandmaster Shouyu Liang, demonstrating qigong and various traditional martial arts. The second clip features Master Sam Masich demonstrating Yang style tai chi, Chen style tai chi, and tai chi sword.

The Ancient Arts of Qigong & Tai Chi from Osiris Films on Vimeo.

World festival from Osiris Films on Vimeo.

Tai Chi
"Tai chi chuan","Taiji",
"T'ai Chi Chu'an", "太极拳", "Taijiquan", "太極拳"
"Chi Gong", "Chi Kung", "气功", "氣功"
Self Defence
Pa Kua Chang
"Hsing I Chu'an",